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Hahn family honored for enduring efforts to care for water, wildlife, soil and ranching business

"I hope they slow down every once in a while," Chuck Hahn said, nodding at the steady line of boaters, anglers and campers streaming north to Canyon Ferry Lake.

He's not talking about their speedometers, either.

"I just see people so rushed," he said. "If they'd just take the time to slow down, look, observe, take what they see here into consideration, they'd see this all interacts together, and we're all here to try and make things better."

While a 360-degree view of their Townsend, Mont., ranch could probably flash through his mind in a millisecond of memories, the scope wouldn't fit in a passenger window at 65 mph.

Published Aug. 22, 2018 in the Tri-State Livestock News.

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