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Growth Starts With Good Questions

"If we're asking good questions, we're giving ourselves the basis to grow and improve our industries, and our businesses, and improve our ecosystems, and overall, improve agriculture."

After Montana's House Bill 273 formally separated Farm Bureau from the Extension Service, a new era set in, with lots of questions. By setting up a system to gather ideas and information from the grassroots and put them to use, the stage was set for the traditional Farm Bureau approach to local problem solving: gather the facts, take a stance, find consensus, take action, make decisions public and stand by the process.

This video adaptation of the book LEGACIES, as featured on RFD-TV, shares stories of innovative leaders and the core values that shaped early Montana agricultural history. The video series was written by Laura C. Nelson and produced by Riley Slivka, AgriStudios.

LEGACIES is available at



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