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How to Find Tenants Who Will Take Care of Your Soil

Shared goals and long-term mindsets make the best partnerships for regenerative management of leased land (originally published in Noble Rancher).

Whether you’re an owner-operator, tenant, or landlord, the success of regenerative management rests upon adopting a long-term mindset, Noble Research Institute livestock consultant Robert Wells says.

“It’s looking at everything you do as a lifelong journey — actually, more than lifelong,” he explains. “Everything you do on that land impacts generations down the road; our lives are just a small fraction of time.”

If you’re a non-operating landlord striving to find a tenant who will take care of your soil and practice regenerative management for the long haul, the first step is to identify the health and regeneration of the land as your No. 1 shared priority.

“If both parties keep the land as the center of their focus, and we’re both doing the right thing for the land first, then everything else will come,” Wells says.



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