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Setting them up for success, every step of the way

From rancher to stocker to feeder, every cattle owner wants the same outcome.

“We all want those calves to be as successful as they possibly can be,” Robby Kirkland, owner of Kirkland Feeders in Vega says. “We want to minimize risk, and we want to do the right thing.”

With that in mind, the April edition of The Cattleman magazine will feature thoughts from three cattle feeders who share five things they wish every rancher or stocker knew about their side of caring for those animals.

Understanding these ideas could make a night and day different in your profitability and for the well-being of your animals. Kirkland shared one example of the impact implementing a VAC-45 weaning program could have on your animals.

Published on the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raiser's blog, March 2020.



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