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Vitality in Rural Communities

Montana has the second highest leadership demand in the country. Montana State University research indicates that 1 in every 22 adults in the state need to hold a leadership position just to maintain current social, economic, and organizational values. How have leaders in the Farm Bureau made a difference in the vitality of their rural communities over the past 100 years?

Following a severe drought and a crash in market prices that followed World War I, the new agricultural industry that had a prosperous start was already falling apart. It was during this time that Montana's county Farm Bureaus came together during their first state convention and made a commitment to come together and provide their communities with their best and boldest efforts.

This video adaptation of the book LEGACIES, as featured on RFD-TV, shares stories of innovative leaders and the core values that shaped early Montana agricultural history. The video series was written by Laura C. Nelson and produced by Riley Slivka, AgriStudios.

LEGACIES is available at



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